Mar 21, 2009

Spring in Our Town

Silsbee is so beautiful in the spring. Everywhere you turn there are gorgeous azaleas in all shades of pink,red, white. The dogwoods are in full bloom and there are patches of bluebonnets here and there. We also see brides wreath and purple and white wisteria along with an occasional grancy graybeard. We have been noting patches of dewberry blossoms, so we can come back to pick the berries later in the spring.

Imagine your playground in a field of bluebonnets. That's what we found at one garage sale this morning.

The red clover by Dr. Tennyson's office has been beautiful this year. There are lots of paintbrushes and verbenas along the highway and evening primroses in the ditches. Even the "weeds" by the backdoorstep are pretty flowers right now.

Here are some of our floral "treasures" for you to enjoy!

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Spring Flowers

Mar 19, 2009

Getting Started

Hi!, I am just starting my blogging adventure on Hazel's HodgePodge. Like most elements of my life, this blog will truly be a hodgepodge of postings. I plan to add to it at least weekly. Since tomorrow is the first official day of spring and our town is arrayed in all its splendor of azaleas, dogwoods, and other flowers, I hope to post pictures of all the beautiful spring flowers that we are enjoying here.

One of two leprachaun windsocks on our front porch for St. Paddy's day.
Love that SMILE!!

I will be listing these Easter Ducks on my auctiva Commerce Store today.