Jan 29, 2012

Valentine Clock

Featured Item of the Week!
Since Valentine's Day is coming soon--sooner than we can imagine, the way the days keep slipping by--I am featuring a Valentine item this week.
This little clock would make a perfect Valentine for someone who collects angels, or for a clock collector.  The clock which is only 1 1/2 inches across is mounted amid cherubs.  One cherub is in a heart.  Take a look at this and other items on Hazel's HodgePodge.
See and buy it HERE
The ribbon hanger doesn't look it in the picture, but it is a pale pink.

Jan 22, 2012

Apollo Moon Landing Commemorative Plate

Featured Item of the Week!
Texas Ware Plate commemorates Moon Landing
I've been researching, and I have found that Texas Ware or Dallas Ware was  made by Plastic Manufacturing Company (PMC).  PMC was at one time the largest producer of molded melamine dishware in the world. They offered many popular colors and patterns of these popular and light weight dishes.  I know when I was first married in 1964, unbreakable Melmac dishes for every day use were on my "must have" list.  I think the only one that ever broke was a cup that I dropped from a ladder onto the concrete slab floor when rearranging the top shelf of the cabinet. (Probably at that time I was actually standing on the kitchen counter to reach the shelf).
PMC used their odds and ends of color to make Splatter or Spatter mixing bowls in various speckled colors. These were sold at a very reasonable price at the time.  Now they are very collectible and command a much higher price.
I have found a number of Moon Landing  and Apollo Commemorative plate by Texas Ware listed on line. This one is in good condition and is reasonably priced compared to most.  It is just waiting for some one to snatch it up.  
Someone who collects Apollo or Moon Landing memorabilia or someone who collects Texas Ware may need just this piece. Who knows?   
Check out this and other items on my store, Hazel's HodgePodge.

Jan 16, 2012

One Man's Trash...Another Man's Treasure..

I've been looking through my inventory quite a bit lately. Kind of taking stock of what I already have listed in my ecrater store Hazel's HodgePodge, and also looking at all these boxes of "stuff" to list. It is amazing how many different types of things I have--a true Hodge Podge.  I say "stuff", but we have to remember that "one man's trash is another man's treasure."  We see this on "Antiques Road Show every week.  Someone rescues something that is being thrown away, and it turns out to be extremely valuable. Or, someone has an item that they, or the family, has had in the closet, or otherwise discounted, because they thought it is ugly or who wants that "old thing".  They then find out it is valuable, or collectible, and others put a high value on it.  I hope that some of my "stuff" is just the "treasure" you are looking for.

Some of the "stuff" aka "treasures" you will find at Hazel's HodgePodge include this statue, "Mama Says". Does anyone else remember learning this rhyme as a child and doing the hand motions to "see all the people"?
Life like Statue by Kathy Andrews Fincher
I also have some pattern books for crochet and cross stitch. These are older books which some may be looking for.  Maybe you are waxing nostalgic over the doilies and things "mama" used to make or have around the house.
Counted Cross Stitch Book
One of probably the most unusual things I have is this collection of parts for toy making.  I think one daughter and family had these left from a toy making project. I recall as a kid, driving all over San Antonio with my aunt looking for wheels for a car my brother was making.  Of course, he needed some bigger wheels than these. I don't remember where we found them, but recall going to all the old houses turned junk shops along N. St. Mary's St. looking.  In the days before internet, we could only look locally for our treasures.
I also recall, my first husband telling how his parents made toys for his little sister for Christmas during the Great Depression.  He even had a really neat toy truck that he made himself out of tin cans which were cut to make the body and fenders.  One of the daughters has it or I would post a picture of it.
Anyone looking for wooden toy parts?
I certainly hope you will find a "treasure" among my "stuff".  Don't hesitate to contact us if you are looking for something special. I just may have it or can get it for you.  Also check with our friends at ESN.

Jan 13, 2012

What do you collect?

What do you collect?  I have found that people have all kinds of collections from model trains,dolls, angels, and Christmas ornaments to rocks, books, and tools.  Some people have collections of different things that are kitchen decor.  My girls started a "cow collection" for me eons ago. It really started as an off hand quip on my part, but today I have scads of cows that have been collected over the years.
Since I have had my on-line store Hazel's HodgePodge, I have been collecting things that I think will add to someone else's collection.  I have cookie jars, Dreamsicles, mini tea sets, Mikasa, Pfaltzgraff, and Franciscan dishes.  I have always enjoyed my Christmas ornaments, and now I have some collectible ones to sell. At one time, I set out to collect music boxes. Since then I have realized that I didn't have space to display them properly. Hence, most of my music boxes are up for sale, or they will be shortly.
One thing that I have found to be a popular kitchen motif is mushrooms.  I have, or have had, a number of mushroom items.  Many of them were made by Arnel and sold by Sears in the 1970's and 80's.  I presently have  two mushroom items listed.  Neither of these are labeled, but they are obviously of the vintage mushroom design.
This napkin holder might be just what you need for you Mushroom collection.

Classic Mushroom Cups for Soup or beverage.
Whatever you collect check often at Hazel's HodgePodge.  You might find just what you need to complete or add to your collection.  If you don't see it listed, just ask.We may have it, or can look for it for you.  Also check with our friends at ESN.  They all have so many neat items.

Jan 9, 2012

Be My Honey! Planning ahead for Valentines Day!

We've just barely gotten through the Christmas season and into the New Year, and Hubby is still telling everyone "Happy Ground Hog's Day".  Wal-Mart had Mardi Gras stuff out the day before Christmas, I think.  I am a "last minute" person. In fact a little plaque over my desk says "If it weren't for the last minute nothing would ever get done."  This drives my mother-in-law crazy, as she is a "get it done way ahead of time " person. I am learning from her, but have a ways to go yet.  Anyway, I usually find myself way behind when listing seasonal items or decorating the store or planning seasonal sale ads.  Sometimes I even miss the opportunity of the season completely.

This time will be different--I hope. I am going to think Valentine's Day beginning tonight.  I know I have some good Valentine things here.  It is just a matter of hunting them up and listing them.
I started by looking through my "already listed" items for Valentine-y things. One of the first things I saw was this Dreamsicle cherub entitled "Be My Honey".    What better way to ask someone to be your Valentine than with this cute little cherub?  It would be especially fitting for someone who collects Dreamsicles.  Hurry and get this collectible for your "honey".
"Be My Honey" Dreamsicle
I also just listed this collectible Otagiri Japan Music Box that would make a wonderful Valentine gift for someone who collects either Pigs or music boxes.  It plays "Top of the World". That's where you are with your sweetie.Right?
Otagiri Music Box  plays "Top of the World"
Please check my store, Hazel's HodgePodge often in the next couple of weeks. I do plan on listing some other neat items that might be just right for your valentine. You might also indulge in a treasure for yourself to add to your collection or decor.

Jan 8, 2012

Bachmann HO Train Cars

B & LE Hopper Car
Bridge and Trestle Set
L & N Open Hopper Car
A while back, I got a hold of some HO scale train cars. I sold some of them on ebay, but some of them are still in stock on my ecrater store.   I am sure there are some model railroaders out there that can use these cars and bridge and trestle set. Take a look here to see the Bachman train cars and equipment that I have.
Swift Premium reefer

Bachmann is according to wikipedia, the largest selling brand of model railroad equipment.  It is good quality , inexpensive railroad stuff for beginners in this hobby.

Be sure to visit my friends on ESN also.

Jan 4, 2012

Dreamsicle Collectors Take Note

We're off to a new year and a new beginning with my store, Hazel's HodgePodge, ESN, blogging, and more. We are looking forward to a really great year and expanding my store listings.  One of my goals for 2012 is to list the many items I already have in stock here.

I have a good number of Dreamsicles Cherubs by Kristen here.  I listed a few of them already, including this neat display pedestal.  Check it out, and check back often, as I expect to add more Dreamsicles shortly.

Display stand for your Dreamsicles collection.
Take a closer look here
Be sure to shop with all my friends at ESN ; you are sure to find what you are looking for.