Dec 17, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is My two front teeth. . .OR. . .

The ESN Savanger Hunt this week is "All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth".  The challenge is to find two items we would like to give or receive among the items shown on ESN.  This was quite a challenge--to pick just two items from the thousands pictured.
I decided to look for things to put on my wish list. 
Hubby likes to get me jewelry, so I searched jewelry and found that BeachCat's Bargains has lots of jewelry to choose from. She has fashion jewelry, estate sale jewelry, hippie jewelry, little girl's jewelry, and more.
This three strand turquoise moonstone necklace caught my eye. It is one of "my colors." I'd say if you are shopping for jewelry for someone on your list, take a look at Beach Cat's Bargains.

See this 3 strand moonstone necklace at

Also found these viva beads with matching bracelet at Beach Cat's
These are "my color" also.

For second item on my wish list I chose this neat gadget for a little pampering.
Think how good this might feel on those tired aching tootsies!

From Barb's Bargains

There is just no limit to what you might find on ESN.

I hope everyone gets lots of nice things that are on their wish list. And most of all I hope everyone gets to spend the holidays with lots of special family and friends.
Merry Christmas to All and Happy New Year too!

Dec 12, 2010

What is a HodgePodge?

What is a HodgePodge?

Recently a customer in the music store saw my sign "Hazel's HodgePodge" in my little nook and asked "What is a HodgePodge?"  I really thought everyone would know the answer to that, but apparently not.  When I picked the name "Hazel's HodgePodge" I had two things in mind. One was the alliteration of Hazel and HodgePodge. The second was that since I've never been known for making decisions, I felt that HodgePodge left the business open for whatever. I could just pick up items of any genre for resale and not be limited to things of one type.  You see, the word hodgepodge generally means a mixture of various things. Other synonyms are mishmash, patchwork, odds and ends, assortment, variety, and mixed bag.  Some words that are associated with food are olio,smogasbord, ragout, gumbo, hash, and salad.  All of these could be considered a hodgepodge as they are a mixture of various and/or dissimilar ingredients.  Some of the not so nice connotations of hodgepodge are jumble--my office--, mess, clutter,-my dining table full of "hodgepodge items", muddle, shambles, and tangle. These all describe the state of my collection scattered all around my house and shop. You might say "unorganized collection" is the best definition of Hazel's HodgePodge when you look around here at all of my "stuff" waiting to be processed, listed, stored, and sold.
However, when you are shopping at Hazel's HodgePodge, I hope you will consider all the good things about a hodgepodge, such as variety, good assortment, a mixture of various things.  I hope you will consider it to be a store where you can find any kind of treasure, where you can find a special item for your collection or the missing dish for your set, where you might find something nostalgic or something unusual. Here are some of the latest items I have listed. As you can see even these few items make up a hodgepodge. They are so unalike, but each one is a treasure in itself.
This Little Pig is Gold Plated
Made in Japan Piggy Bank is one of many collectible items at Hazel's HodgePodge

16 piece set of Platzgraff Snow Village Dishes
Perfect for your holiday entertaining!
You can buy these and other Christmas Items at Hazel's HodgePodge

This Bella Casa Platter by Ganz is one of several decorator items
available at Hazel's HodgePodge

This is my MeMeMe entry into the ESN scavenger hunt for last week. If you can't find what you are looking for in MY STORE, take a look at the items on ESN.  It opens up a world of shopping choices.
Better Hurry and get that last minute shopping done while you still have time for delivery for Christmas.

Dec 10, 2010

Visiting Miss Martha

 Most every Sunday after morning worship, Hubby and I go to see Miss Martha. It is part of Hubby's "deaconly" duties to take the Communion to the shut-ins. I realize that some would argue that this not necessary, and I would tend to agree. But, it is probably one of the high-lights of Miss Martha's week.  We only spend a few minutes, but she always has something to share with someone has sent, cards, pictures, news of her family. She is 96 years old, and confined to a wheel chair but when you ask how she is, the usual reply is "I'm still kickin', not too high, but still kickin'". 
She loves cats and for a good while there was a big cat in her yard called "Alex". Alex, who had a very tiny voice for such a big cat, had just come there and he stayed for a good long while. Recently, Alex just left. I suppose he finally decided to go back to his old home.
Now a new kitty has appeared. Miss Martha says she hesitated to get attached to any more cats since something always seems to happen to them. First week this kitty was there, both her daughter and the sitter advised us to look out for this kitty as it likes to get under your feet. It really does. It is a leg circling cat for sure.

The latest kitty at Miss Martha's
Kitty looking to get underfoot

Sometimes Miss Martha's daughter has to work away from her home, which is in another city, for a week or so, and she brings her two kitties for Miss Martha to "baby sit". These are beautiful big kitties who both stay inside.  I can't think of their names just now.

There are all kinds of flowers and plants in Miss Martha's yard. I just happened to notice this bush out her front window loaded with red berries. Turns out to be a Holly Bush.  When I lived up in the country in Polk County, we had lots of holly trees in the wild around our house. None of them ever had berries that I recall.  I have heard that Holly Trees are either male or female. I was inclined to think that we just had male ones, but maybe they were all female and needed male ones to produce berries. I would guess you need one of each kind to produce the fruit. Anyway, this one is just covered with red berries. It is so pretty.
Holly Tree outside Miss Martha's front window.

The next two things I took pictures of are the Christmas Cactus that someone had given her for Thanksgiving and the "animal" that her daughter had received. She asked the daughter to leave the "animal" with her for a while.

Lighted Angel Pig complete with wings and halo.
"When Pigs Fly?"

Beautiful Christmas Cactus with Salmon blossoms

And this is the lady herself. Not the best picture but one taken the day we were there after Thanksgiving.
She is always dressed to a tee and waiting for us to arrive.
Miss Martha

I know that in our hustle, bustle hurry up lives it is often hard to "make time" or "take time" to visit the elderly and shut-in's, but when you do you can light up their life and break up their day or week. I know our "Mimi" really enjoys having visitors and even phone calls. It is so important that people realize they are not forgotten and the only way they know this is if we reach out and make contact. Whether it is a phone call, a little card in the mail, or an in person visit, why don't you take time this week to reach out to someone who is shut-in at home or in a nursing home? A few minutes of your time can mean so much to them.  And you might be surprised how much it can mean to you.

Dec 3, 2010

Red and Green and ...Santa will soon be here!

Just where does the time go?  This day, this week, the month of November, the year 2010, all have slipped by so quickly.  I always heard that time goes by faster as we get older.  I really believe that is true. At least it certainly has been in my experience.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is past, we've eaten all the sweet potato pies and made soup of the turkey bones and left overs and now the count down for Christmas is underway.  At the rate I am going, I might--just might--get the Christmas tree up before December 25.  Hubby actually got the life sized Santa out of storage and standing on the front porch one day this week. And people are putting guitars, violins and other things on lay-a-way in our music store, Mr. Bandman. 
Aside of getting my tree up, I am way behind on the ESN scavenger hunt for the week. I think I get the booby prize again this week for being so slow. The theme of this week's hunt was Red and Green.  If you search the photos at ESN, you will see there is no shortage of Red and Green items. Deciding which items to choose is much harder than finding Red and Green items. However, here goes:

 If you are like me and still in the planning stages of decorating, you might find a use for this and it is both Red and Green.

Red, Green, White Mix Mesh Netting
from Pence Christmas Tree Farm
They have so many, many neat ornaments and trims at Pence Christmas Tree Farm.

And look at this beautiful green sherbet dish. I can think of several festive ways  to use this for holiday decorating.
What would you do with it?

Hazel Atlas Sherbet Dish
from Carolina Blue Lady

And when you get "dressed up" for that special holiday occasion, how about these Dramatic beads in lapis blue with malachite green accents trimmed in goldtone and rhinestones?

Beads with a touch of Green
also from Carolina Blue Lady

This Froggie Tote from BeachCat's Bargains is just too cool to pass up. Cute, Cute!
For the eco-friendly on your list!

And for something to keep your head warm during the cold winter season
check out Eccentric Thrifter's toboggans

Knit Toboggan in Red!

Maroon Red Crochet Toboggan Hat
And there are so many, many more red and green items available through the ESN.  Be Sure to check it out.

I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate.....
And I will post pictures when it's done.....I promise!