Dec 23, 2011

Fall into Winter

I don't know when the fall leaves have been so vivid and beautiful in these parts. I guess the extreme dry year has had one good outcome. Everywhere you look up and down the streets, the trees are gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, and red.  Even though, it is officially winter now and almost Christmas, and some leaves have fallen, it is still amazingly beautiful, as you drive up and down the streets.

Our own backyard

Out our back door!

More of Our Tree.

Mimi's white dogwood tree in fall color.

Looking North out Mimi's Kitchen door.

On the way to Mimi's

A photo shot from the car. 

On Woodrow Road

Durdin Drive

More on Durdin Dr. on the way to Mimi's
I always enjoy the flowers in Silsbee, almost all year round, but have enjoyed the fall foliage so much this year. Silsbee is really a pretty town. 
Just wanted to share a bit of the beauty with you. 

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Dec 22, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree !
How Lovely are thy Branches!.....
Possibly not true, as my Christmas tree is artificial and comes down from the attic and out of the box to be assembled each year. But, each year it ends up being a beautiful tree in my eyes, if no one else's.  Even this year when I finally gave up on getting things done "right" and decided to just put a few ornaments on the tree and "gitter done", ir ended up looking "pretty good."
Paul took a shot of the tree with the lights and garland  before ornaments were added.

All of my ornaments are special. I have things that the kids made when they were little, things the grands have given me, ornaments my students gave me when I was teaching, musical instruments my daughter got for me to decorate a music store tree, and a couple of instruments that a friend in Texas sent me when we moved to Minnesota briefly, 40 or so years ago. There are some things my dear aunt made for us as package toppers; there's a fake pomegranate, and a decorated okra pod. There are Hallmark collectible ornaments, and some cutesy ornaments dating from when Paul and I were first married. And, of course, there are a few glass balls. Some of them are very old.
The  angel on top of the tree dates from 1965 when I was a newly wed.  She didn't work on real trees as she was too heavy and fell over. She works nicely on my artificial tree though. Last year her ring of lights came all apart so now she just sits on top of the tree unlit.
Fortunately for the music store, I guess, I found the musical instruments in the first box of ornaments I opened.  Then I added a few other things to it, including some sprigs of holly berries and a pine cone or two.  I had some drape lights to put on the tree real quick, but the multi-colored ones were partly not lighting so we resorted to the red ones. I then added a string of multicolored lights and all the tinsel garland I could find in my boxes.  I regret not getting All of the ornaments out, but at least we have a pretty Christmas tree up.  Next year, we will start much earlier, and maybe life in general will be less hectic.

 Paul pulled the blow-up Santa out of the attic, and it lasted all of one day in the yard.  Poor thing had so many tiny holes and small leaks that it wouldn't stay blown up.  We'll have to replace him for next year.
I'm so glad Paul to it on himself to get a new bow and a wreath of bells for the front door.
It adds a Holiday flair we were missing.

A collage of our tree, some of the ornaments on it this year, and the wreath on the front door.
I also set up Mimi's fiber optic tree. A dear friend got it for her quite a few years ago.  She always told me about it, but in the 18 years Paul and I have been married, I never saw the tree displayed. This year, I decided we would see the famous, reclusive tree.

Some stain glass ornaments (plastic) on the music store wall among the guitars:

Santa rides our neighbors motorcycle!

A new ornament this year , a gift from a friend , is a good quote to remember.
 Want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dec 18, 2011

Last Minute Shopping???

It seems the hurrier I go the behinder I get lately.  I bet a lot of people are feeling the same way with all the hustle ,and bustle this time of year. The parties, school programs, baking, shopping, and so on. It can be a real hassle to get everything done.  I've heard several people comment about doing all their shopping on line this year. One person I know even said she got all her shopping done while she was home sick one day.  You just had to hear her try to talk the next week or so to know she really was home sick that day.  How neat to sit at the computer in your jammies and do all your Christmas shopping?

We still have a week before Christmas and we are hoping to sell a lot of guitars and some drum sets here at Mr. Bandman Music in Silsbee. We also have a couple of lamps made from a real flute and a real clarinet.  These are also listed on my ecrater store Hazel's HodgePodge.  These would make excellent gifts for a musician, or add to someone's music room decor.
See details here

See details here
I also have other lamps and decorating items available.  Thanks for taking a look and Merry Christmas to all.