Jun 29, 2012

K-9 playing cards

We are continuing our search for puppies this week for the ESN scavenger hunt,

I came across this really unique deck of cards at La Petite Marche.  Isn't this the cutest little pink puppy as a case for the cards?  This features a different breed of dog on each card; making it a  neat deck of cards for the dog fancier in your life.  It would also be good for young children to learn to identify the various breeds of dogs.  Whether you play cards with the deck, keep it as a collectible, or use it to learn about dog breeds this is a truly different set of playing cards for you to enjoy.

See it HERE!

Be sure to take a look at the various stores on ESN. There are stores that specialize in a certain product or type of product and there are many that have a good assortment of collectibles and vintage items.  chances are that you will find what you are looking for at ESN.

Jun 25, 2012

How Much is That Doggie...

Pin ItESN scavenger hunt this week is for"Puppies".
The only "puppy" in my store, Hazel's HodgePodge, right now is this  stylized Basset Hound figurine. Don"t you love his soulful eyes?  
Check out this adorable pooch HERE!
I did enough research to find that a basset hound has a superb sense of smell, second only to a blood hound, and the word basset means "rather low". Bass meaning low.

Some dog lover, and/or hound fancier should like to have this cutie.

I have always been partial to collies, but we've also had an Irish Setter, a Beagle, and several other really neat dogs. I know there are fanciers of every breed of dog.

The nose on this figurine reminds me of a picture we have of my son with his Irish Setter way back when. You look at it and say "Like Master, like Dog".  

Also thinking about our dog's names.  You can bet the Irish Setter was called "Red".  We got a collie pup when the kids were small.  Even though "Dad" and I wanted another name, you guessed it, she was "Lassie."

Now when we see a doggie at a garage sale, Hubby likes to sing, "How much is that doggie in the window"?

Jun 15, 2012

Swimming in Thunder Bay

In keeping with our ESN scavenger hunt theme of swimming this week I went in search of things aquatic.  I doubt that Thunder Bay is a place to swim but it  does look like a real thriller--A mystery that will really hold your attention. The paperback book,  Thunder Bay  by William Kent Krueger, is available from Sirocco's Curios.  

Check it out HERE!
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Jun 11, 2012

A Swimming We Will Go!

Pin ItThe ESN theme this week is swimming. We used to sing a little ditty "A-hunting we will go, we'll catch a little fox and put him in a box, and never let him go.   We can change that around a bit to "A-Swimming  we will go,We'll catch a little turtle and put him in our jewelry box, and never let him go.  (Just don't want to catch him on our toe!)
See more detail and purchase here
This fine specimen of a turtle makes a really attractive brooch pin. It is a vibrant green on gold, and can add just the touch of color you need for your ensemble.  Or some youngster can treasure it as a novelty pin. It is a cute item.

Be sure to check out our friends at ESN. You never know what you might find whether it has to do with swimming or not.

Jun 9, 2012

Household Tips and Home Improvements

This week at ESN we are scavenger hunting for things to do with housecleaning. This has been a real challenge,  and to our credit, we have had some very creative approaches to the topic.

I felt sure I could find something appropriate at Comyc Gyrl Collectibles and she did not fail me.  This neat book is one I would like to look at. I am all for picking up tips to make things easier and being a true SHE (per flylady: SHE=Sidetracked Home Executive) I can use all the help I can get. 

ComycGyrl also has a number of books on Home Improvement, repair, and renovation, if you want to go one step further than housecleaning.

You can find all kinds of things among the ESN sellers.  We would be thrilled to have you drop by and shop with us.
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Check it out HERE!

Jun 4, 2012

Housecleaning without a Hassle

Pin ItThis week we are concerned with House cleaning on our ESN scavenger hunt.
I am featuring this Cherub Clock as my contribution to " Housecleaning".  This is not a usual tool for housecleaning, but according to Flylady you can do anything for 15 minutes.  By cleaning clutter (or anything else) for 15 minutes at a time and following daily routines you can have a clean, uncluttered home.  A number of years ago my house was in a worse shambles than usual.  It, I'm sad to say, bordered on filthy, and I was tired and depressed.  There seemed to be no hope.  Then I came across a Dear Abby column in the local paper telling about flylady. I looked it up and tried some "babysteps" and some basic routines.  I even ordered Flylady's timer and calendar.  The place became much more livable and my depression lifted.  I have never been a full fledged "flybaby", but I do enough to keep things going, and I extol the virtues of Flylady every chance I get.  Since being at my mother-in-law's and seeing after her needs and appointments in addition to ours, I especially see the value of routines to get the everyday things done and a calendar to make sure we schedule everyone's activities and appointments with no conflicts.
This is a fine whimsical clock to keep track of your fifteen minute challenges or it is a nice addition to your nice clean, well organized home after Flylady. 
See more details and purchase here.
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Jun 2, 2012

Love is a Song for Mother

Pin ItContinuing the Singing theme on ESN this week, we went scavenger hunting in the stores of our fellow ESN bloggers.  Right quick I found this fine collectible at Carolina BlueLady Vintage Collectibles.

What can be nicer than sweet young voices in song and what better than a Song for mother!  Love is a Song for Mother.  That has to be so special for any mother.
See this Avon collectible plate here.