Apr 3, 2012

Jumpin' Frogs!

The ESN topic this week is FROGS! Horrors! I don't have a single frog listed on my ecrater store--Hazel's HodgePodge.   Maybe there is a frog somewhere in my boxes, but it would be an exercise in futility to look for it now. Sometimes I think  the only frog around here is me.  I jump around here everyday like a frog. (actually, I have another analogy for how things go here, but we won't go there now.)  I have so many things going on that I seem to do justice to none of them.  I have been considering a garage sale here, but can't seem to find an open date and good weather for it. I was considering yesterday dropping the ecrater store, or at least the time for promotion on it.  This morning I am writing a blog and doing the ESN tasks. Talk about jumping around like a frog!
Come to think of it, I did have  a neat deviled egg plate that featured frogs sometime back,but, fortunately for me at the time, or unfortunately as I write this blog, I have sold it already. I do still have an Easter type deviled egg plate-complete with bunny salt and pepper shakers. Someone needs to get this to use for Easter. It will add to my Easter dinner table, I'd rather someone else have it.
Grab it now, in time for Easter!
Take a Look at ESN for last minute Easter items and for Frogs and related items.

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