May 18, 2011


The ESN scavenger hunt this week is Accessories.  My first thought on this was of clothing accessories; shoes, hats, jewelry.  Way back when, we got a new Sunday-go-to meeting outfit every Easter.  Mama usually made our dresses. In fact, I don't recall Mama ever buying a ready made dress; maybe an occasional pair of western cut pants, or a winter coat, but never a dress.  I had some store boughten dresses but seems that my aunt was responsible for those. Of course, Auntie sewed for me, too, but she did sometimes buy a dress. But Accessories were something else.  Each Sunday outfit had to have special shoes, bag, hat, and gloves to accessorize it.  Shopping for these items was a special treat.  We would go up and down Houston Street in San Antonio, from store to store, trying on shoes and looking for just the right ones to complete our outfit.

Looking for accessories on ESN, I found accessories for American Girl Dolls.  And patterns for kitchen accessories.  I got to thinking about the shows I love to watch on HGTV and how they use accessories-lamps, pillows, knick-knacks, etc.- to finish out the decor. That led me to realize that here in the music store, we say that we have musical intstruments and accessories.  Those accessories are things like guitar strings, reeds, drumsticks, stands, straps, what have you. I googled accessories and found accessories for all kinds of electronic devices. 
I looked up the definition of "accessories" and here is what I found:
ac·ces·so·ry noun /akˈses(ə)rē/ 

accessaries, plural; accessories, plural
1.A thing that can be added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive

- a range of bathroom accessories

2.A small article or item of clothing carried or worn to complement a garment or outfit

- among the hottest items are hair accessories such as rhinestone-studded barrettes

3.Someone who gives assistance to the perpetrator of a crime, without directly committing it, sometimes without being present

- she was charged as an accessory to murder

adjective /akˈses(ə)rē/ 

1.Contributing to or aiding an activity or process in a minor way; subsidiary or supplementary

- functionally the maxillae are a pair of accessory jaws

Web definitions

clothing that is worn or carried, but not part of your main clothing
a supplementary component that improves capability

accessary: aiding and abetting in a crime; "he was charged with being accessory to the crime"

With these definitions in mind, I went back to look at the ESN photos again and found some items that will add beauty to your decor.

I found some neat garden accessories, including this garden gnome at Barb's Bargains.

Here's a really unusual and neat accessory, a brass door knocker from Eccentric  Thrifter.

And of course, you can count on Carolina Blue Lady to have some beautiful accessories for your home such as this Magnolia Bell.

Going back in time, I found this crochet pattern book for bed and bath accessories from Bargain Express.

Whatever kind of accessories you might be looking for--except those giving assistance in crime--take a look at the ESN ProStores.  Chances are, you'll find something to add beauty or usefulness to your life.

May 15, 2011

Kountze Big Thicket Trades Days Revisited

On April 22 and 23 we set up at the Big Thicket Trade Days in Kountze, TX for the 3rd month. It was Easter Weekend, so the crowd was off a bit; but Saturday was a pretty good day.  The weather was good.  Of  course there was no rain which we we glad for those 2 day.  But truth be known, we are really desperate for rain in these parts.  There were even wild fires in the area north of us that weekend.  That is unusual in East Texas and the Big Thicket.  The temperature was nice--not too hot and not cold.  We are expecting it to be really,really hot as the summer progresses.  Our main complaint was the wind.  Friday it blew straight out of the south and wreaked havoc--blowing our stuff around a lot.  Saturday it blew probably just as hard, but a bit more from the east or ESE and didn't seem to blow stuff around as much.  Really, I guess we should be very thankful as the wind kept it from being so hot.  I know the fire fighters in north Hardin and Tyler County did not like it, though.

We've come a long way since our first trip as vendors at the Trade Days.  We've gotten 2 long light-weight tables. And for April, we added a canopy.  We've also picked up some garage sale rugs to spread across the gravel to make it easier to walk.  Everyone hates the rocks, but I keep saying that IF it ever rains we will be glad they put the rocks in.  We hope next to get some side panels for our canopy since we plan to be there every month.  For May, we are trying to figure out how to attach some of our extra grid wall from the store to the sides of the canopy to display the sun hats I am making.

Our Space for April!

The next Trade Days is May 27-29.  The Big Thicket Trade Days is a really nice place to sell or to shop.  The vendor areas are all covered with rock, the "streets" are paved, there are porta-potties on practically every street and they recently opened a large new parking area.  It only costs $2 to park for the day.  We also see golf carts carrying people too and from their cars.  Each vendor space has water and electricity available.  You see a little bit of everything for sale, including a big choice of yummy food items.
A few of our neighboring vendors in April!

Check out the Kountze Trades Days here.  And our previous trades day blogs here. See ya there!

May 3, 2011

Watching the Sky

I've missed several scavenger hunts and blogging in general lately, but I am back this week and on the search for the ESN items.
Our theme this week is Sky.
My first thought was the colors of the sky. And I found this blue tee shirt that reminds one of the fair weather sky.  Even the yellow letters look like sunshine.

King of the Ring, ring bearer's t shirt from Embroidery Fashions Boutique
They have a good selection of custom t shirts for the wedding party.

When I was a kid, we always sat on the front porch and watched the weather.  For the longest time, I thought I had to be out where I could see the sky when it was threatening.  I don't suppose that was really a good idea, but if you can see what's coming, you can know what to do.
Here is another Blue item of a darker nature, maybe reminiscent of storm clouds gathering.

Check out Carolina Blue Lady for this and other Fat Beagle Pottery pieces

It's always intriguing to watch the night sky. Especially if you are out in the country away from all the city lights.  Another good way to see the stars is to visit a planetarium.  My first experience at a planetarium was as SAC (San Antonio College) It was very impressive. It is now called the Scobee Planetarium.  And sounds like it would be even more impressive today.
Way back when, we used to sit on the front porch out in the piney woods and watch our little patch of sky between the pine trees. About dusk each evening, we could see satellites go over. The setting sun would hit them just right for us to see them easier that time of day.  This was a good diversion in the cool of the evening.
Here's a pretty dish to remind us of the night sky.

Vintage Moon and Stars Candy Dish is one of the pieces in this theme
available at Bargain Express

 Eons ago, San Antonio chamber of commerce must have advertised San Antonio--where the sunshine spends the winter. Because half an eon ago I heard my parent's version as San Antonio--where the sunshine spends the winter behind the clouds.  Actually, here in Texas we see the sun in all its glory a good bit of the time and this yellow ashtray made me think of sunshine.
Shawnee Ashtray available at ComycGyrl Collectibles

It's nice to have lived a life that has allowed a lot of porch sitting and sky watching. Even now we enjoy our front porch. I have been blessed.
Hope you will take time to shop all the stores on the Ecrater Store Network. You are sure to find some real treasures. Also would invite you to checkout our treasures at Hazel's HodgePodge.  Now that our other little "job of work" is complete, we will be adding more treasures each day to our on-line store.