Dec 23, 2011

Fall into Winter

I don't know when the fall leaves have been so vivid and beautiful in these parts. I guess the extreme dry year has had one good outcome. Everywhere you look up and down the streets, the trees are gorgeous shades of yellow, orange, and red.  Even though, it is officially winter now and almost Christmas, and some leaves have fallen, it is still amazingly beautiful, as you drive up and down the streets.

Our own backyard

Out our back door!

More of Our Tree.

Mimi's white dogwood tree in fall color.

Looking North out Mimi's Kitchen door.

On the way to Mimi's

A photo shot from the car. 

On Woodrow Road

Durdin Drive

More on Durdin Dr. on the way to Mimi's
I always enjoy the flowers in Silsbee, almost all year round, but have enjoyed the fall foliage so much this year. Silsbee is really a pretty town. 
Just wanted to share a bit of the beauty with you. 

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  1. Beautiful photos, Hazel! You're so right - the changing of the seasons was much more dramatic than I remember in a long time. Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Enjoyed seeing a part of your world - very pretty.