Aug 15, 2012

Add Some Sunshine--and Some Spice-- to Your Table

Last week on the ESN scavenger hunt we were looking for things about dining.  I am slower than slow, and just now looking through my fellow scavenger hunter's stores for dining related items. I decided to also find some things that might also relate to this week's subject of smiles.

The first item I found was at Bargain Express.  I always like bright yellow objects. Especially on  a dreary or cloudy day, something yellow makes me smile and seems like a little spot of sunshine.
Add some sunshine to your table with this pair of cups and saucers
from Bargain Express

Next I came across this cute set from Le Petit Marche.  These chili peppers could add a bright spot to your table and bring a smile to the faces of your guests.
Salt, Pepper, and Oil are perfect for Tex-Mex or Southwest Dining

Add to your dining experience and put a smile on your face with items from the ESN stores.

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  1. Super tie-in - thanks for including my yellow pottery sets :D

  2. I agree, the colors together go great! Nice post! Thanks for featuring my chili peppers! :)