Jan 12, 2017

A Roadster in the Entryway

After growing up and completing college courses through San Antonio College and then a bachelor's degree at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcos, I embarked on marriage. Our wedding occurred on June 27th, 1964, at Redeemer Lutheran Church in San Antonio. We had met and then lived afterward in Corpus Christi, Texas. Laura Katherine was born on June 19, 1965, and Paul Robert was born July 1, 1967. Rae Janette was born September 30, 1968, and Sharon Lynne was born July 6, 1970. Elizabeth Ann was born April 17, 1976.

My husband, Robert (Bob) Goodman, was a mechanical engineer. His hobby was old cars, and first we had a five-window coupe. It was tan. We took it to a car show in Corpus Christi when we lived there.

Bob had a passion for 1932 Ford roadsters. One that he built from a '33 truck chassis and motor, and from body parts that he already had ended up in our new house in the entryway. It was with the supplies of boards and sheetrock. Rae Janette had to help him move it. This kept it safe before he had the shop or garage built, but it stayed there a long time even after that. As you would imagine, some people commented on it being in the house. We sold this vehicle without the seats and the insides being finished, though had a good green paint job on the body parts. We sold it to a guy from Houston.

Over the years we spent hours and days and weeks looking for old cars on ranch and farmland. We spent some time visiting Ford dealerships looking for NOS (new old stock) parts. There are no parts available today; you have to get new-made parts to build a roadster.

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