Mar 12, 2017

Duck! Duck! Duck!

Pin ItOne time we went to South Central Texas to see the Badings near Seguin at Geronimo. Edwin Bading was a friend who Bob knew from his days in the Army. He and Carolyn became good family friends. We came home from that particular visit with a group of baby ducks. They grew up to be big, white quackless ducks. They said "Ah! Ah! Ah!" With their heads going back and forth like they were quacking but they didn't make any noise. They went swimming down where the creek crossed the road and at the pond at the back of our property. Varmints got one of them every now and then. 

Paul used to feed them corn and he would stand or stick his head out of the shed and call, "Duck! Duck! Duck!" and they would come running. One day Bob killed all the ducks because they wouldn't listen when he wanted them to go down to the pond, and we made pillows out of the feathers. Paul still has those pillows, though they were always puny on stuffing.

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