Oct 14, 2010

Deviled Egg Plates

Cute, Colorful Froggy Egg Plate
Adorable Bunny Egg Plate for Easter or Spring Motif

I have just found these really neat deviled egg plates with salt and pepper shakers.  I also found out some interesting history about deviled eggs.  Have you ever heard of Eggs Mimosa.  They make it sound like that is another name for deviled eggs, but the actual recipe shows it is something different even though you might see  how one evolved into the other.
I also didn't know that the term "deviled" originally had to do with hot or spicy.  Here are a couple of links about deviled eggs and the history of them.

and recipes for eggs mimosa:  http://www.russcooks.com/mimosa.html  http://www.mycatholictradition.com/recipe-appetizer-eggs-mimosa.html

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