Oct 12, 2010

Garage Sale Finds

I am so excited. After a long spring, summer and early fall of going to garage sales that can only be described as disappointing, we are now finding some really fantastic "treasures".  Of course, it helps also that for the last two weeks or so the weather has been cooler and the air has been unusually dry for East Texas.  It has  been so pleasant to be out in the brisk morning air searching for treasures. And the sales certainly have been much, much more appealing in their content.  I  know the people holding them have had a much more pleasant time doing it than those in the heat and humidity of the summer. We made some spectacular finds.  For example, last   week I saw a beautiful, no actually  a gorgeous, platter that I just had to have. It was a frosted pink and looked like it had beads or jewels molded into the glass.  I had no idea who made it or any thing about it, only that it was beautiful and different.  The funniest part is that a few sales later, I found another identical plate with a two part relish dish.  Really struck me as odd, since I had never seen one like it before that day and now I found two of them.  The price was right, so I snatched up both of those pieces as well. A bit of on-line research  revealed that these pieces are Mikasa Rosella. I found that Rosella Mikasa is an elegant shaded pink crystal, with molded or prescut flowers and leaves. The pattern was made 1989 through 1997 then discontinued. It is fairly thick glass with sculptured and frosted leaves and deeper pink sculptured flowers. The art work is on the underside of the bowl and the top is smooth. Seems it was made in Western Germany, by Walther Glass.  Of course, after 1990 or so, it must have been Made in Germany. It is truly lovely.  The platters I have are 12.75 inches in diameter.  The two part relish dish is 11.25 inches x 7

Mikasa Rosella Serving Platter

Two Part Relish Dish
Mikasa Rosella

The very next week, I found another Mikasa glass dish. It is a Mikasa Celebrations 9.5 " Bonbon Dish in the original box.  It is part of the Holiday Landscape Collection. It is made in the same technique as the Rosella pieces, but it is clear with some red and green.  It is a great holiday piece. .

Some other "treasures" I've found recently include: A pair of Susan Winget plates which I have found to be part of a set of 4. I have the sheep and the pig.
 I just want to tell you and show you all the fabulous items that I've found. "Treasures to Brighten Your Day!"
but I will add more as I can on my ecrater store at http://hazelshodgepodge.com/.

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  1. the pink dish the rosella is beautiful. I found a bowl at a local thrift shop about two months ago for under twenty and this past weekend my husband spotted a matching plate/platter for another twenty dollars I have a red french country thremed dining room and it should look lovely as a ceterpice on my dining room table