Dec 3, 2010

Red and Green and ...Santa will soon be here!

Just where does the time go?  This day, this week, the month of November, the year 2010, all have slipped by so quickly.  I always heard that time goes by faster as we get older.  I really believe that is true. At least it certainly has been in my experience.  It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is past, we've eaten all the sweet potato pies and made soup of the turkey bones and left overs and now the count down for Christmas is underway.  At the rate I am going, I might--just might--get the Christmas tree up before December 25.  Hubby actually got the life sized Santa out of storage and standing on the front porch one day this week. And people are putting guitars, violins and other things on lay-a-way in our music store, Mr. Bandman. 
Aside of getting my tree up, I am way behind on the ESN scavenger hunt for the week. I think I get the booby prize again this week for being so slow. The theme of this week's hunt was Red and Green.  If you search the photos at ESN, you will see there is no shortage of Red and Green items. Deciding which items to choose is much harder than finding Red and Green items. However, here goes:

 If you are like me and still in the planning stages of decorating, you might find a use for this and it is both Red and Green.

Red, Green, White Mix Mesh Netting
from Pence Christmas Tree Farm
They have so many, many neat ornaments and trims at Pence Christmas Tree Farm.

And look at this beautiful green sherbet dish. I can think of several festive ways  to use this for holiday decorating.
What would you do with it?

Hazel Atlas Sherbet Dish
from Carolina Blue Lady

And when you get "dressed up" for that special holiday occasion, how about these Dramatic beads in lapis blue with malachite green accents trimmed in goldtone and rhinestones?

Beads with a touch of Green
also from Carolina Blue Lady

This Froggie Tote from BeachCat's Bargains is just too cool to pass up. Cute, Cute!
For the eco-friendly on your list!

And for something to keep your head warm during the cold winter season
check out Eccentric Thrifter's toboggans

Knit Toboggan in Red!

Maroon Red Crochet Toboggan Hat
And there are so many, many more red and green items available through the ESN.  Be Sure to check it out.

I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate my Christmas tree this weekend. I will decorate.....
And I will post pictures when it's done.....I promise!


  1. Really cute blog for the scavenger hunt this week and thanks for including me. I'm doing my Christmas tree next weekend with the help of my youngest grandchild.

  2. Sounds like fun. Wish the grands were here to help me. AND a retail store should have had Christmas decor by Halloween. I am really behind in that department.

  3. Hazel, you have such a way of writing that I always feel like we're just chatting away on your porch. Thanks for including me! And no, I think I will be the booby prize person - I'm behind you this week and better get crackin' because this week's almost gone too!