Jan 14, 2011

Flowers, Flowers, Flowers....Where have all the Flowers Gone?

Here it is the dead of winter and we wonder where have all the flowers gone?  Soon it will be spring and our town will be a showcase of azaleas and other flowers as evidenced in Our Town in Spring. Actually I might say All the Flowers are gone to Silsbee.  There is always something blooming here. The beautiful spring flowers are followed by the crepe myrtles in the summer.  There are huge crepe myrtle trees of various colors in yards around town as well as the small ones in the median of Highway 327 aka as Tiger Lane. This year the fall roses were absolutely gorgeous and of course we had the October Daisies.  Now we are enjoying a pot of pansies under Mimi's carport.  And the camillas are blooming by our front porch and in Mimi's backyard.  A nice harbinger of spring is a clump of paper whites (narcisscus) blooming in our back yard.
You also might say All the Flowers are Gone to ESN.  Our scavenger hunt this week takes us on a search for flowers..flowers to help us look forward to warm spring days.  There are as usual so many to choose from.  Here are a few.
I love Daisies and here is a beautiful fabric from Lil Bit of This N That.
Isn't this cheery? 
It would be neat in a kitchen or for something for a child.
In fact, Lil Bit of This N That has more floral fabrics. It is hard to decide which one is prettiest. You might choose several if you are a "sewer".

If you are not inclined to sew or make something yourself, have a look at I M Designs for lovely floral handbags.  This beautiful flowered bag for spring is one example.
Beautiful roses, daisies, buttons and lots of pockets!
Colors of Silk has a lot of gorgeous silk scarves and pillow covers with big bold flowers. Like this one with red and blue poppies.
Big Bold Summer Flowers on rich silk.
 Hang in there. Look at the Flowers on ESN and Dream.  Spring will be here sooner than we think.

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