Jan 7, 2011

Keeping Warm with Colors in January!

Well, here it is January. Christmas is passed. The Year 2011 is on it's way.
The New Year's gathering of the Goodman/Wood Clan has come and gone. I must say it was a good holiday season over all. I did get pictures of the tree going up, falling down and finally decorated, but at this point getting  it taken down and stowed away for another year takes precedence over posting pictures after the fact. Maybe on facebook??  Right now I am searching for Warm colors among the ESN listings. This for the new scavenger hunt.  January is not particularly cold here but we are expecting a rather cold rainy Sunday and even colder next week.  We will need to think warm and stay warm then.  It is amazing to me how color can do so much to make us feel warm or cool or happy or sad or whatever. I know on some of the dreary, cloudy days we have here a yellow something is like a bright spot of sunshine.  It can be really cheery. I have zeroed in on some nice warm red items to cheer us and make us think and feel warm.

Here we have a tie with warm colors and with a beach motif. How warm is that?

Dynamite Silk tie with Deck Chairs. Off Island by Tommy Bahama. The Deck Chairs are blue and yellow with the background a beautiful coral with yellow is available at GriffinGarb

And here is a warm wool jacket in a nice warm red color.

Apostrophe NEW Red Wool Blend Peacoat from Gigi's Closet

And can't you just see the fire in the red of this moonstone pin?

Stunning Rare Red Moonstone Pin at Beachcat's Bargains
The possibilities are endless.  Whereever you are and how ever cold and dreary the weather you can find something to cheer you and warm you on ESN.
Hope everyone is getting off to a good start for a Happy New Year. 

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