Feb 11, 2011

Sports and Me?

The theme of this week's ESN scavenger hunt is SPORTS.
I'm not really a sports fan myself.  I do like baseball and we follow the Houston Astros.  Last summer I was really seriously wondering why, but you know you have to stick with your team no matter what. When I was a kid, the family followed the San Antonio Missions (Texas League Team). In fact, Brooks Robinson was playing for the Missions when we were going to the games and listening to Jim Wiggins announce the games on the radio every night. 
When it comes to playing sports, I was always the kid no one wanted on their team. My knowledge of football leaves an awful lot to be desired.  The same goes for basketball and some other sports. So my interest in the Super Bowl is mostly in the commercials.  And, I must say, I was rather disappointed in most of them this year.  We walked in from church just in time for the Star Spangled Banner.  I didn't catch the much publicizd mistake, but thought it was a "pretty awful" rendition.  Hubby's remark was, "Who told her she could sing?" 

Honestly, I'd rather be watching Home and Garden TV most of the time. Anyway, I got to looking around ESN photos and found some really neat things at Walls that Talk for decorating with sports themes. Some of these would be really neat for your boys' rooms or maybe a "man cave".  Just pick your sport.  

This is one of several sports items available at Walls that Talk.

I love Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Most of the ones I have a very specialThey commemorate an occasion or an interest, or they were given to me by a special person. Some are custom made.  This one from Comyc Gyrl Collectibles could be very special to a Buccaneer's Fan.

Comyc Gyrl Collectibles has a good selection of Sports Cards
AND this cute collectible Christmas Tree Ornament

Now, Sports Fans  have March Madness to look forward to and then it's back to Baseball Season.  Hope the Astros play better ball all season this year than last.  Everybody wants their team to be the winner, no matter what sport or what level: Little League, High School, College, or Pro.  I hope "your" team is a winner this year.
And You can be a winner by shopping ESN and the ecrater stores.

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