May 15, 2011

Kountze Big Thicket Trades Days Revisited

On April 22 and 23 we set up at the Big Thicket Trade Days in Kountze, TX for the 3rd month. It was Easter Weekend, so the crowd was off a bit; but Saturday was a pretty good day.  The weather was good.  Of  course there was no rain which we we glad for those 2 day.  But truth be known, we are really desperate for rain in these parts.  There were even wild fires in the area north of us that weekend.  That is unusual in East Texas and the Big Thicket.  The temperature was nice--not too hot and not cold.  We are expecting it to be really,really hot as the summer progresses.  Our main complaint was the wind.  Friday it blew straight out of the south and wreaked havoc--blowing our stuff around a lot.  Saturday it blew probably just as hard, but a bit more from the east or ESE and didn't seem to blow stuff around as much.  Really, I guess we should be very thankful as the wind kept it from being so hot.  I know the fire fighters in north Hardin and Tyler County did not like it, though.

We've come a long way since our first trip as vendors at the Trade Days.  We've gotten 2 long light-weight tables. And for April, we added a canopy.  We've also picked up some garage sale rugs to spread across the gravel to make it easier to walk.  Everyone hates the rocks, but I keep saying that IF it ever rains we will be glad they put the rocks in.  We hope next to get some side panels for our canopy since we plan to be there every month.  For May, we are trying to figure out how to attach some of our extra grid wall from the store to the sides of the canopy to display the sun hats I am making.

Our Space for April!

The next Trade Days is May 27-29.  The Big Thicket Trade Days is a really nice place to sell or to shop.  The vendor areas are all covered with rock, the "streets" are paved, there are porta-potties on practically every street and they recently opened a large new parking area.  It only costs $2 to park for the day.  We also see golf carts carrying people too and from their cars.  Each vendor space has water and electricity available.  You see a little bit of everything for sale, including a big choice of yummy food items.
A few of our neighboring vendors in April!

Check out the Kountze Trades Days here.  And our previous trades day blogs here. See ya there!

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  1. Looks like you have a good thing going at your Trade Days! Good luck over the summer!