May 3, 2011

Watching the Sky

I've missed several scavenger hunts and blogging in general lately, but I am back this week and on the search for the ESN items.
Our theme this week is Sky.
My first thought was the colors of the sky. And I found this blue tee shirt that reminds one of the fair weather sky.  Even the yellow letters look like sunshine.

King of the Ring, ring bearer's t shirt from Embroidery Fashions Boutique
They have a good selection of custom t shirts for the wedding party.

When I was a kid, we always sat on the front porch and watched the weather.  For the longest time, I thought I had to be out where I could see the sky when it was threatening.  I don't suppose that was really a good idea, but if you can see what's coming, you can know what to do.
Here is another Blue item of a darker nature, maybe reminiscent of storm clouds gathering.

Check out Carolina Blue Lady for this and other Fat Beagle Pottery pieces

It's always intriguing to watch the night sky. Especially if you are out in the country away from all the city lights.  Another good way to see the stars is to visit a planetarium.  My first experience at a planetarium was as SAC (San Antonio College) It was very impressive. It is now called the Scobee Planetarium.  And sounds like it would be even more impressive today.
Way back when, we used to sit on the front porch out in the piney woods and watch our little patch of sky between the pine trees. About dusk each evening, we could see satellites go over. The setting sun would hit them just right for us to see them easier that time of day.  This was a good diversion in the cool of the evening.
Here's a pretty dish to remind us of the night sky.

Vintage Moon and Stars Candy Dish is one of the pieces in this theme
available at Bargain Express

 Eons ago, San Antonio chamber of commerce must have advertised San Antonio--where the sunshine spends the winter. Because half an eon ago I heard my parent's version as San Antonio--where the sunshine spends the winter behind the clouds.  Actually, here in Texas we see the sun in all its glory a good bit of the time and this yellow ashtray made me think of sunshine.
Shawnee Ashtray available at ComycGyrl Collectibles

It's nice to have lived a life that has allowed a lot of porch sitting and sky watching. Even now we enjoy our front porch. I have been blessed.
Hope you will take time to shop all the stores on the Ecrater Store Network. You are sure to find some real treasures. Also would invite you to checkout our treasures at Hazel's HodgePodge.  Now that our other little "job of work" is complete, we will be adding more treasures each day to our on-line store.

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