May 21, 2012

Misty Eyes,Best Friends, and Hugs

Pin ItI've missed  out on more than a few weeks of blogging and ESN scavenger hunts.   I spent over a month "working" at "regular" job. It was only regular in trying to get in a 40 hour week and in getting a regular pay check. I worked at home and set my own hours within the time frame set by the company.  I will say that these old eyes needed more rest than at the same computer work 10 or 12 years ago AND it sure seemed to be harder to get in hours at home than when I spent consecutive hours at their facility.  The good part was not spending gas and time to travel to and from work, being able to rest my eyes every hour or two, and even though I couldn't give her direct attention while I was working, I was here in the house with Mimi and able to cater to her needs and wants during rest breaks.  I was also able to take off for lunch at the senior citizen center  each day. We've come to take that for granted now.

Anyway,    I'm Baaack and looking at the ESN scavenger hunt topic this week.  I think they get harder and harder to find. The topic this week is Misty.  My thoughts turned to "misty eyed" and I found two items in my store that go along with that theme. The first is a wall plaque that I think is cute. The handmade-ness of it makes it desirable to some. Seeing the two friends hugging made me think of how sometimes when you are distraught and/or misty-eyed for whatever reason how good it is to have a good friend to just give you a big hug.
Purchase this for your special friend
The second item is a holder for your tissues to dry those misty eyes. It is a unique southwestern themed item.
Add to your southwest decor and keep those tissues handy.
Never know when you will mist up and need one.
Stop by ESN and shop with our friends there. They have a huge assortment of things for sale.  Also take a look around Hazel's HodgePodge.
It's good to be back and we hope to do more listing now.  Since I know now I can get a good amount of time in on a job each week, I should be able to get more time in on my store if I put my mind to it.


  1. Great post Hazel, good to see you back! I myself have just recently started a new 40 hour a week job, so I've not been keeping up with all things ESN myself. I love both your items, especially the wall plague, very cute!

  2. A great view of a hard theme. Love your items, so unique! Great post!