May 29, 2012

Singing--off key and Remembering the good times!

Pin ItAs I was looking through my eCrater store for an item to go along with this week's ESN theme of singing I came across this pair of black and white cows outfitted in full western regalia. You might well ask what these have to do with singing...or music of any kind. Well, they triggered memories of "way back when" I was just a little girl.  Remember riding across Zarzarmora Street in San Antonio going to or from my grandmother's and singing "I'm an old cowhand from the Rio Grande".  We only sang a small snatch of the song and from what I can find now we didn't even sing it right word-wise. I remember puzzling over how someone could ride (a horse) before they could stand. Mama explained that my little brother had ridden (in the car) before he could stand.  I had no idea until just now the origin of the song and that it was a spoof, I only knew and remembered the phrase we sang as a family.  And it was no doubt off key as well as the wrong lyrics.  We were not a family of singers.
Daddy had been  a real cowboy in his earlier life and he would sing "Get along little doggie, yippee,yi oh kyah!" and taught brother and I a crazy song that went  "Sheep and a hog, walking in a pasture. Sheep says "Hog, can't you walk a little faster?" Hog says, "Huh?"Hog says "Huh!"  Researching that I come up with a fiddle tune called "Sheep and Hogs Walking Through a Pasture."  I can only guess that Daddy made up the lyrics...Maybe so, maybe no...

Here's my "cowpoke" cows, that triggered my memories.
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  1. Love the cowpoke figures. Liked how you connected the singing theme. I remember the song as well.

  2. Did a lot of off key singing in my time do and often still do. Thank you for the post. It made me laugh and of course we all know that laughter is the best medicine.

  3. Well, I never heard that one before! I think it's a douzzie! Love the "cow" pokes!

  4. What a cute story, Hazel. That is one of the most precious memories I've heard.