Sep 11, 2012

It's Band Season!

In the music store business, there are basically three seasons--Christmas,(or the pre-Christmas shopping season), Band Season (when school starts and the new band students get their instruments)and the rest of the year. 

Well, at Mr. Bandman Music we have survived (or endured) the rest of the year for 2012. And now it is Band Season! This starts in a small way the first of August when marching band practice begins and kids need reeds, oils, lyres, and flip folders for their instruments.  Now school has started and the beginner band students are looking for their instruments.  Band is in full swing!

At Mr. Bandman Music Store in Silsbee, Tx, we are proud to be an affiliate of NEMC.  As such, we offer an excellent rent-to-own plan for beginner band instruments.  We have a large selection of new and like-new instruments that are all well-known name brand instruments.  We have Selmer and Vito saxophones, Gemeinhart Flutes, King, Selmer, and Olds brass.  We also have some of the Jupiter instruments that many band directors are recommending now.

You will be happy to learn that there is no interest on any NEMC instrument, and with the damage waiver fee that is part of your payment each month, there is no added charge for repairs to your instrument.

I have to admit that I questioned the difference between like-new and used for a long time.  There is a difference.  The like-new horns have been restored to like-new condition.  You would be hard put to tell which horn is new and which is like-new.  Plus, the like-new instruments have a new warranty which goes into effect when you make the final payment and own the instrument.  While you are paying on the instrument. it is covered by the damage waiver fee. 

Visit us at our NEW location: 350 N. 4th St., Silsbee. Tx.
Just 2 doors north of the historic Pines Theater

We often hear parents and/or grandparents say they don't want to spend too much until they see if the student is going to stay with it.  We understand this thinking, but also know that having a good dependable instrument can make the difference in how well your student does.  A student who does well is more likely to stay with it. By renting a good name-brand instrument, you give your student the best chance to excel in band.  And, if they only play it for a short time, you can turn it in and have now further obligation,

This year NEMC has made it possible for you to fill out your contract and make your initial payment on line. Just go to or
If you don't see you school in our area, let us know.  If you live somewhere else, you will be directed to an affiliate in your area or can even rent a "horn" directly from NEMC if there is no affiliate in your area.

Look for our Big Yellow Banner at the new location

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