Nov 23, 2012

Who Knew What You Would Find?

Our dear Mimi passed from this life on September 26 this year at the ripe old age of 92. In fact her birthday was September 22.  She was semi-comatose at that time but still responding with the shake of her head or squeezing your hand,  and she knew it was her birthday and that her sister had made the long trip from the San Antonio area to see her that weekend. 

In the days since her passing we have cleaned the closets and drawers and been amazed at how much stuff she kept in such a small house. Every nook and cranny was packed.  It has been overwhelming!  Last weekend, we had an estate sale.  It was a two day affair, and late Friday evening --at the end of day 1--my little granddaughter commented that we hadn't sold very much.  I told her that I thought we had sold a lot, we just started out with a lot to sell. We sold much more on Saturday, and we have sold more items since then and had things picked up, and we still will have a BIG garage sale next week. 

One thing that Mimi collected was salt and pepper shakers. She had a lot of them of all types and styles.  The girls were aware of something in the attic of the shop.  Imagine their surprise when they retrieved a bag full of salt and pepper shakers?  And these were not just any salt and peppers.  They were obviously old and dirty. And they were all chalkware.  They had me washing glassware and dishes in preparation for the sale.  Well, we researched right quick and found out two things. One, you do not wash chalkware.  Two, it was made around the 1930's and was popular again in the 70's. Judging by Mimi's age, the condition of these pieces, and when she would have been collecting it, we decided that this is 1930's and 40's vintage.We also opted to use a soft dry brush to clean it as much as possible.

Pair of Skunks For Sale HERE

Westward Ho!

Indian Tepees

Red Devils

footballs listed on ebay.

Last night I listed some of the remaining sets on eBay.  I really hope these can go to a good home with someone who collects vintage chalkware and appreciates it.

There are probably eight more sets that I will be photographing and listing this weekend.

There were so many treasures it was hard to take them all in, and certainly hard at the moment to appreciate all of them,

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