Aug 29, 2013

Horns! Horns! Horns!

We have reserved the Pavillion in Silsbee tomorrow evening (Friday) from 3 to 7 to have a horn drive.  Even though Mr. Bandman is no longer open as a retail store, Paul is still doing repairs in his home shop and we still have acess through NEMC to our rent-to-own instruments.  We also have a few used instruments left to sell.  The Rudisall Pavillion is commonly called the farmers market pavillion.  It is on 3rd St. just north of  the railroad tracks.  It is really nice place with usually a nice breeze through it, as pavillions are prone to have.  It has lights and ceiling fans, and there are restrooms and water available, We usually take some things once a month when the Hardin County (Facebook group) has a trunk sale there. It was a big event last month.

I have been trying to get advertising out for the event.  There ads in American Classifieds (Thrifty Nickel) and the Silsbee Bee, also on-line on  I just finished signs to put around town to direct people to us.  Considering my limitations due to ataxia (described in my last post) I think they turned out pretty good. I made 3 two-sided signs--or a total of six "Horns" and I traced all the letters and colored them in with a wide paint marker.  Being 70+ and having ataxia I have finally learned that something like this does not have to be perfect, good enough is good enough.  It also helps to be exposed to Flylady's philosophy regarding perfection..
One side of signs!

Other side of signs!

Anyway, we are looking forward to renting a lot of horns to beginner band students. It is always exciting when the beginners get their new instruments, whether they are actually new or "new to them".Getting a band instrument is usually a family affair, and the kids and parents are so excited.  Sometimes you'd think the younger sibling was going to play the horn, theyseem so proud to get it.  Paul has also had a lot of repairs recently and is expecting some horns to arrive from out of state anytime for repairs. It is good for him to be busy right now.

See you at the farmers market pavillion in Silsbee tomorrow!


  1. Good luck Hazel! You might want to throw an announcement on the local Craigslist too! Never know who might see it.

  2. Thanks Linda. We don't have a craigslist that I know of except in Houston--our area uses a lot. My few experiences with craigslist have ended with scam offers.