Mar 10, 2011

Railroad Crossing...Look out for the Cars, trains, and trucks in our town.

Our scavenger hunt for ESN this week is transportation. How apropos!
Silsbee is a Santa Fe Railroad town from way back.

The "Santa Fe" yard, now run by a contractor, is right in the middle of town.  We can hear the cars bump, bump, bumping at any hour as a new train is put together. Often, when one is going from north to south or south to north down "Main Street" -actually 5th St. or Business 96--you will "catch a train".  That means a long, long wait while a long, long train pulls out of- or into- town, or a train goes back and forth across the street adding cars.  Mimi always reminds us that the train means someone has a job.  Here is some of the history of Silsbee as compiled by the Silsbee Bee.
And everything you might want to find out about the History of Railroads in Texas.

all railroad pictures are from google pictures.

Another form of transportation we are well aware of in East Texass is the log trucks, which go by our place day and night en route to the paper mill at Evadale.  The loaded log trucks come from the west on Hwy 327 and stop at the traffic light at 327 and 96.  They do make a racket as they take off on their way to hwy. 96 and east to Evadale aka Stinkydale or Evil Smells.  Again, people who work "at the mill" and their families say "that's the smell of money".  The paper mill is owned by Meadwestvaco. and I just researched a bit and found that Meadwestvaco is much more than just a paper mill.  I also found this site with skadoodles of log truck pictures.

This all being said about, I turned my thoughts to travel and searched ESN photos for places one might go. Preferably quiet, serene places, like Hawaii.
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  1. How interesting to learn about your town from this viewpoint! Makes me want to come visit you! Thanks for including my shirt!

  2. I LOVE TRAINS! Thanks for the blog and the wonderful pictures :D