Aug 24, 2011

Cookie Jars

If I had room to display things, I would collect so many different objects. One of them would be cookie jars. It is amazing to me how many different cookie jars there are. You can find a cookie jar for almost any theme or decor. Right now at Hazel's HodgePodge we have three cookie jars listed.
One I like so much is the Susan Winget Apple Basket Cookie Jar.  The apples are so real looking and it is in perfect condition. It is one I would keep for my collection--if I had room to collect and display it properly.
I have found some other Susan Winget creations over the years and been very impressed with her style and artistry. Here is a link to Susan Winget's Art Studio. This is such a friendly, home-y site. It is nice to "get to know" the artist like this.
Next we turn to an older cookie jar. It is a vintage lunch box.
Also in perfect condition.  It MAY be a McCoy. A McCoy collector would know for sure..
Lastly I have another vintage cookie jar in the shape of a Wheat Sheaf
This cute smaller cookie jar is also in very good condition. Something really different for the cookie jar collector or imagine it in your kitchen as an accent  in shades of yellow.
Keep shopping at Hazel's HodgePodge.  I will keep collecting pretty, rare, and unusual items to pass on to you the customer. We are careful to describe our items in detail and pack them carefully to insure they get to you safely.


  1. What interesting cookie jars. My favorite is the wheat sheaf. Just love the colors.I too often wish I had more room for the items I like but like my husband always says about my love of dogs, you can't pick up every stray.

  2. The apples are my favorite, too. Why shouldn't the container be as much fun as what's in it!?