Aug 9, 2011

What Can You Find at a Garage Sale?

What can you find at a garage sale? Well, you might find anything you are looking for. One can find furniture, clothing, household items, toys, gadgets, just almost anything.  Sometimes, you even find things you aren't expecting.  We have all seen episodes of "Antiques Road Show" where people picked up something at a garage sale for little of nothing to find out it is now a quite valuable item.  Sometimes they even get an item that was being thrown away or the owner doesn't care about it and gives it to them. 
I should be so lucky!  Maybe you need to know what to look for???
We go to garage sales almost every weekend.  Mostly we look for band instruments, i.e. horns that hubby can repair and resell here at the music store, Mr. Bandman Music. We also find a lot of things that we can use ourselves such as chairs, linens, small kitchen items, some clothes, etc. Then I look for dishes and decorator items and collectibles for the HodgePodge.--Hazel's HodgePodge, my on-line store.  I have collected boxes and boxes of things for re-sale. In fact, I don't think I even remember all the things I do have in these boxes. 
One interesting item I found some time ago is an old leather purse or, as they said back in the day, "pocket book."  I bought the purse only to find it contained an old "credit card" dated 1945.  This is from World War II times! It is not a credit card as we know credit cards today. In fact, I have not been able to find out anything more about it than what it says on it.  I assume that since it is written in English, and we are in East Texas that the Paris named on the card is Paris, Texas.

If someone collects WWII items, this is probably a real steal  at less than $10.  If you are a WWII buff and know something else about this card, I would be pleased to read your comments below. 

You can see listing and purchase HERE


  1. That's a very interesting post and an equally unique find! Being from Texas too I have heard of Paris.

  2. Very interesting post. I am anxious to see if anyone finds information on a 1945 credit card.

  3. I didn't even know that credit cards existed in 1945. Hope someone finds information.

  4. What a cool find! Have you done any internet searches on it? Keep us updated!