Aug 20, 2011

Pink and Green Jewelry

The ESN scavenger hunt this week has been for pink and green.  Pink and green are both pretty colors and are found together in nature a great deal as in pink flowers of all types and shades with green leaves. I decided to look for jewelry in shades of pink and green. I found jewelry of all sorts: necklaces, bracelets, earrings and so on.  I also found a variety of styles.  As usual, there is something for everyone on the eCrater stores of ESN.
I found some lovely, summery jewelry in both pink and green.

Beach Cat's Bargains had this beautiful Necklace & Earrings: Crystal Rhinestone Beads with Peidot Green Acrylic Flowers
See this Necklace and Earrings HERE

Next I found this lovely pair of lime green earrings at What Not Gems. They are also available in other colors including pink.
Available HERE
On the pink side, I found this cute little brooch pin at Bargain Express.
Schoolhouse brooch pin 
Lastly I found this pretty Ancient Dreams cameo necklace by Vicky Viscount at Twilight's Slumber.
Purchase it HERE
It's always fun to look through the items at ESN.  You never know what you might find.


  1. As usual a great post with exceptional choices.

  2. Beautiful selections! Good scavenger hunting!

  3. There is definitely some beautiful jewelry on eCrater and I thank you so much for including Bargain Express!