Jan 9, 2012

Be My Honey! Planning ahead for Valentines Day!

We've just barely gotten through the Christmas season and into the New Year, and Hubby is still telling everyone "Happy Ground Hog's Day".  Wal-Mart had Mardi Gras stuff out the day before Christmas, I think.  I am a "last minute" person. In fact a little plaque over my desk says "If it weren't for the last minute nothing would ever get done."  This drives my mother-in-law crazy, as she is a "get it done way ahead of time " person. I am learning from her, but have a ways to go yet.  Anyway, I usually find myself way behind when listing seasonal items or decorating the store or planning seasonal sale ads.  Sometimes I even miss the opportunity of the season completely.

This time will be different--I hope. I am going to think Valentine's Day beginning tonight.  I know I have some good Valentine things here.  It is just a matter of hunting them up and listing them.
I started by looking through my "already listed" items for Valentine-y things. One of the first things I saw was this Dreamsicle cherub entitled "Be My Honey".    What better way to ask someone to be your Valentine than with this cute little cherub?  It would be especially fitting for someone who collects Dreamsicles.  Hurry and get this collectible for your "honey".
"Be My Honey" Dreamsicle
I also just listed this collectible Otagiri Japan Music Box that would make a wonderful Valentine gift for someone who collects either Pigs or music boxes.  It plays "Top of the World". That's where you are with your sweetie.Right?
Otagiri Music Box  plays "Top of the World"
Please check my store, Hazel's HodgePodge often in the next couple of weeks. I do plan on listing some other neat items that might be just right for your valentine. You might also indulge in a treasure for yourself to add to your collection or decor.


  1. Congrats on the jump start for Valentine's Day! The dreamsicle is my favorite :D

  2. Such a sweet item for Valentine's Day!