Jan 22, 2012

Apollo Moon Landing Commemorative Plate

Featured Item of the Week!
Texas Ware Plate commemorates Moon Landing
I've been researching, and I have found that Texas Ware or Dallas Ware was  made by Plastic Manufacturing Company (PMC).  PMC was at one time the largest producer of molded melamine dishware in the world. They offered many popular colors and patterns of these popular and light weight dishes.  I know when I was first married in 1964, unbreakable Melmac dishes for every day use were on my "must have" list.  I think the only one that ever broke was a cup that I dropped from a ladder onto the concrete slab floor when rearranging the top shelf of the cabinet. (Probably at that time I was actually standing on the kitchen counter to reach the shelf).
PMC used their odds and ends of color to make Splatter or Spatter mixing bowls in various speckled colors. These were sold at a very reasonable price at the time.  Now they are very collectible and command a much higher price.
I have found a number of Moon Landing  and Apollo Commemorative plate by Texas Ware listed on line. This one is in good condition and is reasonably priced compared to most.  It is just waiting for some one to snatch it up.  
Someone who collects Apollo or Moon Landing memorabilia or someone who collects Texas Ware may need just this piece. Who knows?   
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  1. Boy, this brought back some memories. Enjoyed this very much!

  2. What a wonderful commemorative plate! And it's history in more ways than one :D