Feb 8, 2012

Looking for the Color Red

Our assignment this week as a scavenger  hunter on ESN is to write about something red.  With Valentine's Day around the corner, there is red everywhere. Well, looking through my store, Hazel's HodgePodge, the only red things I found were Christmas items and a few of my sun hats.  Maybe a few souls who are much less procrastinating than I am would like to look HERE for items for the coming Christmas.

Otherwise get ready for summer with one of these unique sun hats.  They are great for gardening, fishing, going to the local fair or trade days--anywhere you need a portable sun shade. Cute sun bonnets for ladies or girls.

This red little girl's sun hat is reversible.

Cute blue hat is the reverse of red hat above
I will be listing more hats as summer approaches.
For Valentine items see our Featured item blogs last week and upcoming this week.
Also check out the plethora of items offered by our friends at ESN.


  1. It won't be long before we'll be needing some nice sun hats! These are so cute!

  2. The sunhats are so cute. Looking forward to the new summer hats you will be listing.

  3. Love the old fashioned look to these hats. I am looking forward to more.