Feb 4, 2012

Winter Flowers --Indoors and Out

We seem to enjoy flowers here all year round.  This winter the camillas have been outstanding all around town.  We have two bushes in front of our shop, Mr. Bandman Music.  They have been loaded with double pink blossoms. Mimi has a lot of camillas interspersed with the azalea bushes in her yard.  She has several colors, including the special purple dawn.  Unfortunately, the purple dawn had very few blooms on it this year.

Last Saturday I went out and picked a bouquet of camillas to take to a friend who is shut in. There were pink ones, red ones and candy striped ones. I tried to get pictures of all of them. I also thought that the bushes looked neat with the fallen blossoms around them on the ground. It was like a red or pink shadow below the plant.


We have also been enjoying the red amaryllis that Mimi's friend brought to her as a late Christmas present.  Paul put it in the dirt in the pot and we've watched it grow and bloom. In 10 days it shot up to about 18 inches in height.  It has two beautiful blossoms that we've wnjoyed for over a week now.  Paul plans to pollinate them so that we can grow more from seeds.

We may just put one of Paul's white (pale pink) double amaryllis bulbs in a pot so that Mimi can enjoy it here in the living room.

Mimi's Red Amaryllis from different angles and on different  days.


  1. Nice to view your beautiful flowers on such a dreary day.

  2. These are beautiful, Hazel! I do love it when winter allows a crack in the cold long enough to let a few flowers show up and remind us that Spring is on the way!

  3. Thank you for showing us all the beautiful flowers. I do so love flowers. Pinned It.