Feb 27, 2012

Saturday Bath--Getting Ready to Sell

Buying  things at garage sales to resell always means cleaning and inspecting.  Most of the things I list are glass and usually  I have a pan full of dishes to wash after coming in with  a "haul" on Saturday morning.  This Saturday  the weather wasn't right for garage sales and it is still a bit early in the season, so I put my laundry on early and decided to freshen up some of my cloth dolls. You might say it was the Proverbial Saturday Night Bath (except it was Saturday morning)  They have gotten dusty and could just stand freshening up before going to a new home.  Mr. and Mrs. Duck were sort of like Snuffy Smith in the funny papers.  I had to strip them naked to wash their clothes.  Paul said they were streaking.
Streaking Ducks!

I did learn that their whole legs and not just the feet are orange felt

Mr. and Mrs. Duck in their nice clean clothes.
You can buy them here

Mr. Duck with his straw hat
I  also surface cleaned the Millennium Bear per the instructions on the tag. This carried me back to my childhood and surface cleaning a much played with little yellow stuffed dog named (what else?) Fido who lived in the toy box at my grandma's house.  We periodically scrubbed Fido's fur with a soapy cloth, let him dry, and then brushed him out.  This little white bear cleaned up so nice by this method. 
Millennium Bear
At Hazel's HodgePodge we strive to make sure all our merchandise is in top shape.  If there are any flaws or damage, we describe it in detail, whether it is damage or manufacturing defects.  Also, if you have any questions about our products please ask us. We are happy to give more details or take extra pictures.


  1. This is such a cute blog - really enjoyed reading it - the ducks streaking, were they moooning in that next picture?

  2. I guess they were(mooning)! I had fun with the laundry that day anyway.

  3. Adorable duckies! I know you had fun playing with those so does it really count as "work"?!!

  4. Great post, and lovely little duckies! And Ms. Millennium bear is looking as white as snow!