Mar 14, 2012

Yellow Sunflowers for the Breakfast Nook

Our ESN scavenger hunt this week has to do with Breakfast.  I envision a home with a separate breakfast nook off the kitchen or as part of the kitchen--or maybe a kitchen table where the family has breakfast and informal lunches. These cushions would be a pretty addition to your "kitchen" chairs.  I actually got these with intentions of using them myself. I had some assorted wooden chairs with slat backs and bent wood ice cream parlor chairs. I thought these cheery sunflower cushions would tie the eclectic chairs together. I never implemented that plan, and now our living arrangement has changed. Perhaps someone else can spruce up their breakfast nook or kitchen table with them.

Cheery Yellow Sunflowers on a Blue Check.

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  1. I like your cushions, they are quite pretty! And it makes me remember of my younger days when everyone sat together for a meal, homey! :)

  2. I've always been a advocate for family meal time. Too bad it doesn't work out that way too often any more.

  3. Those are so sweet! I love the design and colors.