Mar 18, 2012

What do you read?

The ESN scavenger hunt this week is on reading.
I used to be an avid reader.  Daddy used to fuss at me that I was going to ruin my eyes reading so much. He was also the parent who loved to read. He teased that he or I "had a yarn by the tale (tail)" when we would read a book in one sitting. Mama read to brother and I when we were small and she was one to read magazine articles or romance magazines, but I don't recall her reading books or novels. She would take us to the Public library and bring home stacks of books for Daddy.  He would sit up late reading said books. I also read to my youngsters--I think I read Walt Disney's Peter Pan at least a zillion times!  I also read the books the kids carried home from the school library. I was on whatever level of reading they were on through upper elementary and jr. high school years.  We all enjoyed Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Books before the TV series. We even read the books written by Mrs.Wilder's daughter, Rose Wilder Lane.
Another favorite I would like to find and re-read was  The Summer of the Monkeys.  I don't know who wrote it or for sure that is the exact title, but it was a really funny book.

In more recent years, there have been times when I needed to upgrade glasses and have not done as much reading or sewing as in the past.(Maybe I did ruin my eyes reading, but I think it is age and heredity.)Even more recently, my attention span has gotten shorter and shorter. I think this partly due to watching news on TV and reading short items on the internet.  It is so hard to concentrate to read even a short article.
As a result, I sometimes look at a magazine, but you might say my reading is limited to what is required for my tutoring sessions and reading the labels and marks on the merchandise for Hazel's HodgePodge.

My kid's grandpa told me once that when he was a child and they visited his paternal grandparents, the table was set with the plates upside down.  His grandfather would say grace, and when he asked his mother what he was saying, she told him that he was reading what was on the bottom of the plate. I don't know the why or where-for of this scenario, but now we do a lot of reading the bottom of the plates and other items at garage sales before purchasing something.

Bavarian China Platter has rare marking

This platter and its partner were made in occupied Bavaria after WWII
between 1945 and 1949.

I know that a lot of my friends at ESN have a good selection of books for your reading pleasure. Take a look there if you are looking for things to read, either for pleasure or information.


  1. Great story - I love how you tied it all in. Oh and I remember Laura Ingalls Wilder's Little House Books well - read them all I'm sure.

  2. Wonderful tale - I really enjoyed reading your blog. Unique idea tying reading with the bottom of plates.

  3. I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the platter connected to reading! You nailed it perfectly! Great post!

  4. This was a great blog, really enjoyed reading it. Now I'll be reading the bottoms of plates myself!

  5. You write the most fascinating stories that I love reading YOUR BLOG!!