Jun 11, 2012

A Swimming We Will Go!

Pin ItThe ESN theme this week is swimming. We used to sing a little ditty "A-hunting we will go, we'll catch a little fox and put him in a box, and never let him go.   We can change that around a bit to "A-Swimming  we will go,We'll catch a little turtle and put him in our jewelry box, and never let him go.  (Just don't want to catch him on our toe!)
See more detail and purchase here
This fine specimen of a turtle makes a really attractive brooch pin. It is a vibrant green on gold, and can add just the touch of color you need for your ensemble.  Or some youngster can treasure it as a novelty pin. It is a cute item.

Be sure to check out our friends at ESN. You never know what you might find whether it has to do with swimming or not.


  1. An adorable turtle. Very creative take on the swimming theme.

  2. Great twist on the theme, and the turtle is adorable!

  3. unique take on swimming theme. And a very unique brooch.