Jun 9, 2011

Graduations, Trades Days, New Friends, and more....

This has been a busy month or so.  We had two graduations in the family.
On May 6, Pops (Paul) and I traveled to the Kingwood area where my youngest granddaughter Michaela graduated from Kindergarten.  Honestly, of all the grands, this was the first kindergarten graduation we've been to.  That is, unless you count Michaela's brother, Justin.  Michaela and Justin are home schoolers.  When Justin completed his kindergarten year, the family had a medieval banquet which we attended. Justin was "knighted" by his dad after reciting a number of scriptures. It was a really neat thing and as guests we learned some things about medieval times. 
Dad presents Michaela's Diploma

Michaela's graduation was impressive also.  The 39 or so graduates wore the traditional caps and gowns and each child's dad presented the diploma to him or her. A brief bio was read for each one telling some of what they had learned in kindergarten, some of their extra curricular activities and what they want to be when they grow up.
The Graduate!

 Michaela is truly a budding homemaker. She has always loved dolls, housekeeping toys, and pretty clothes.  She is an outstanding chess player. She has been competing at chess since age 4. And it was announced that she wants to be a baby sitter when she grows up.  I have no doubt that she will be a good one and a good mommy also.
After the ceremony, we enjoyed pizza at Lil Ceasar's with Michaela's MawMaw and Papa and some family friends before heading home.

May 27, I took off to Nacogdoches to see my oldest grandson, Eric, graduate from Central Heights High School.  It was the same weekend as the Trades Days in Kountze, so I rented a car to drive, leaving Paul with the van and the trades days booth. I wish I could say the trip up was uneventful. Unfortunately, I swerved, over corrected, hit the brakes and fishtailed across the ditch.  Fortunately, I came to a halt with the front end of the car in a bush, backed up and was on my way again with what I thought were just some scratches in the paint.  The next morning at home we realized there was a minor dent in the front fender of the car. Just glad I was not hurt and there was no greater damage.  I hate to think of the possibilities of what could have happened. Just thankful it didn't.
When I got to Grandmother (Opal) McLemore's house in Nacogdoches, where the pre-graduation party was being held, my daughter, Laura, and her hubby, Brian were already there with Brian's mom from Dallas area. Grandmother is Eric's great-grandmother.  Brian's mom lived in Nacogdoches until recently and had a close relationship with Eric as he grew up.  I am so glad she was able to be there. Of course,  lots of other relatives from both sides of the family along with friends and neighbors soon joined us.  We even got to meet Eric's girlfriend. A very pretty young lady, I might say.
I wish I could have been there for the final choir concert the week before. From all accounts Eric (and all the others) did an outstanding job. Music is one of Eric's talents for sure.

Eric and Friends

"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow"
Congratulations! Eric!

As far as the party, we had some excellent steak, with potatoes and green beans.  The cake was pretty and everything was very nice. Dad and Mom did a bang up job of putting it all together.
The graduation was held on the SFA campus in a packed auditorium. Eric wore the gold cord on his gown as an honors student.
 I must say that for a small school, those graduates got their share of scholarships both large and small.
 Really proud of Eric and expect him to excel at whatever he decides to do in life. He is not as definite in his plans at this point as cousin Michaela.  Oh to be 6 again!?!

I crashed that night in Emily's (Eric's sister) room, woke up very early Saturday morning and headed home.  After we got the car turned in, we high-tailed it out to the Trades Days.
I hadn't been there too long when a fellow ESN member Gale arrived. She lives not too far away and we planned this chance to meet each other in person.  It was really neat! We visited for the longest time and really enjoyed getting to know each other.
Gale and I with sun hats at Kountze Trade Days
customers try out the guitars

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  1. Congrats to the Grads! I know you are proud. This was a great post, sharing your exploits of the past month. Glad you got to see Gale. Those are very special moments, indeed! And you've become quite the blogger!!