Jun 23, 2011

This and That--Happenings in our Parts

Don't have any pictures to share, but there have been lots of activities going on around here lately.
Saturday, almost two weeks ago now, we had an impromptu garage sale.  Like everyone else who has a garage sale, we would have liked to sold (read that: gotten rid of) more stuff. But we were please to sell as much as we did and watched some large storage items leave the premises.
Had a bit of excitement when Paul's mom, Mimi, came over a while with his bro and sis-in-law,who were visiting from Hawaii.  Mimi has been wanting to sit out under her carport and enjoy the outdoors these 100 + degree days. We have been telling her it is too hot for that.  Well, she sat under our canopy a little while and decided she didn't feel good and wanted to go home.  On the way to the car, she just wilted or crumpled, passed out from the heat.  We called 911, and the EMTs checked her out. She refused to go to the hospital then, But at the suggestion of the home health nurse, Bro, SIL, and her sister from Houston, ended up taking her to Urgent Care later to get an IV to re-hydrate her.   She is okay now and, seemingly,none the worse for wear. She had some bruises and sore ribs where they tried to keep her from hitting the ground.

Last Thursday, my daughter Sharon and her kids, Justin and Michaela, came to see us.  They spent the night and we went blueberry picking Friday morning.  The berry picking went pretty fast and we came home with over 13 lbs. of fresh blueberries.  As is the case a lot lately, we were glad for the breeze blowing while we were out there.  Also, glad to get through before it got too, too hot.
Other things we did: Sharon and I made a newspaper pattern off of a favorite vest.  That's rather difficult to do without taking the original garment apart.  I hope she can make another one she likes off the pattern.  I haven't done much in the sewing department in so long.  It was like old times.  Michaela wanted to do something fun. I told her that I thought we were having fun. Don't think she bought that line.
Michaela and I did play some on-line games that we found when looking for American Girl Dolls. a really neat site we found:http://www.americangirl.com/fun/games/chococourse/.  Justin had to finish the course for us at one point. He is really good at games and I figure this was a really simple one for him.
Michaela and I also made pinwheels and cut out paper dolls.  The old fashioned kind out of newspaper all in a row.  We had a book of crafts and she made a detailed list of which ones we should try.  Time didn't allow too many, so we will continue the list another time.  We also blew bubbles. Our bubble soap didn't seem too great. The wind was too strong, I think.
Justin told me all about his leopard gecko, Rex, and pulled up a UTube video of a gecko like Rex.  They are really cute creatures and I see how they can be good pets.  Here's the video we watched.  Isn't he cute? Justin is also into guns and war facts. He really gets engrossed in whatever subject he is studying at any given time.
Thursday evening, Sharon and the kids and I went out to Knupple Park--for those who don't live in this area, that is pronounced Kuh, nipple. I don't get it, but that's the way it is.  There is a nice play ground there and surprisingly, it did cool down as the sun went down. Also, I guess because of the lack of rain, there were no mosquitoes out.  We had an enjoyable time there.
Friday, while we were berry picking, Paul and Mimi drove up to Spurger, to Hatton Farms to pick up some Speckled ButterBeans.  They got a bushel between them. They were already shelled so all I had to do Saturday was wash them and seal them up to put in the freezer.  Mimi has the little sealer machine that is really nice for putting things in the freezer.  We even cooked a few for supper on Friday.
I also froze my blueberries.  We washed them and spread them on a baking pan to freeze, then put them in a gallon zip lock bag to store in the freezer.  That way they are clean and loose to take out what we want at any one time.  Made some blueberry muffins last night.
Sunday afternoon and evening I worked on hats.  This weekend is Trades Days coming up again already.  Need more hats done.  There is rain predicted for this week  Sure hope we get some. It won't hurt our feelings if the Trades Days is rained out this month.  We need the rain so desperately.
Since I started this we have had rain. Precious rain. We need and can use much, much more but it is so nice to see the grass greening up almost immediately.

Monday I gave blood.  I have always felt it was an ordeal to give.  I didn't want to be a baby about it but it seems so hard.  Last time I gave, the nurse told me that my veins are very small and that is why it hurts so. In fact the first one to look at me today said there was nothing there.  Not just anyone can find my vein, it seems.  But they did get me hooked up and took my blood.  Like every time I give, I am thinking now that maybe that should be the last time.

And life goes on here in East Texas day by day.....

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