Jun 11, 2011


The ESN scavenger hunt for this week has to do with Music. Well, hubby is the music- and plant-- person in this household.  He is a school band director, trumpet player, singer, band instrument repairman, song leader at church services, enjoys barbershop singing.....and has a super green thumb. Hmm, wonder if there is a connection.
Me?  I have a tin ear. I enjoy listening to music for a little while but not for long and have to hear a tune many times before I "know" it.  Hubby says I'm tone deaf-- but I can hear the difference in tunes just not individual notes. I'm sure I miss a lot of what most people hear in the subtleties of music. I certainly can't match a tone with my voice.  
All my kids and grands seem to have some musical ability, some are very talented. However, any talent in that area certainly skipped me. Have to say that their dad (grandpa) had a very good ear for music even though he did not play an instrument.  His family- especially on his mother's side-were very talented, artistic people.  And of course, the grand kids all get some good musical genes from their dads' sides of the family. 

The kids say that running a music store is the least likely thing they ever imagined me doing. But, I have learned the workings of the various instruments and the uses of different accessories and can serve my customers well.  In fact, many of them, from talking with me in the music store, would not even know that I don't play an instrument and, as the saying goes,"can't carry a tune in a bucket."
I have done a lot of study on dyslexia and worked with dyslexic students. Recently I came across something called auditory dyslexia. This is the inability to distinguish sounds. I think, it must be tone deafness to an even greater degree. Or tone deafness is a less severe form of auditory dyslexia.  Hmmm.  Since coming across this  disability, I have wondered how it could be remedied or compensated for.  Time for some more research.

Before undertaking that research though, I did some searching for musical items among the ESN scavenger hunter's stores.  Here are a few of the items I found:  And you don't have to be talented musically to appreciate these.

Bargain Express has a number of vinyl records in stock, such as this one.
Anyone have a record player around?  And no one would care if I sing along off key, right?
Here's Music to Everyone's ears: The Tinkle of this crystal dinner bell from Carolina Blue Lady's collection. Beautiful to look at as well.
One of many appropos quotes about music available from Walls that TalkWell, Maybe most of us understand it? A neat way to add to your decor.

Remember whether you are shopping for music, music memorabilia, decor, or whatever, you are likely to find something to fit your needs on  ESN.
I would also like to invite those of you in SE Texas to stop by Mr. Bandman Music in Silsbee for all your "music making needs."  We have horns, guitars, and accessories, and also do band instrument repairs. We also do repairs through on-line contacts. Mr. Bandman Music is on-line  and  at the corner of 4th and 327 in Silsbee. 

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