Jul 29, 2011

Did your grandma have a candy dish?

This week's scavenger hunt topic is Candy.  Everybody loves candy. Do you know anyone who doesn't like some kind of candy?  I got to thinking about all the beautiful dishes that people used to have. Almost every home had a special candy dish. Especially, older people when I was a child during the 1950's. It might be a bowl with a lid or a flatter plate like dish; it might be rather plain or very ornate; but it was special.  Did your grandma have a special candy dish?  We would like to hear about it and your memories.
I found this really special story about one person's "candy dish" experience.  I hope your experience was better, but this person does have her candy dish and can use it to make more and happier memories for the younger generations.
Yahoo asked: " Did your grandma have a candy dish?" and got multiple answers.  Seems families had all kinds of candy dishes filled with all kinds of candy.
Click HERE for another sweet memory of candy dishes and candy from the Gaga Sisterhood.  All you present day Grandma's may want to have a look at this site.
We spent most weekends of my childhood at my paternal grandmother's house. She and my aunt, who lived with her,  had a tall pink glass dish with a lid that they kept filled with candy.  It was a bowl on a  pedestal and the lid had a tall knob on top.  I recall it often had gum drops in it. Sometimes at Halloween, it was filled with corn candy.  I remember it sitting on the fireplace mantel.  Bro and I were often treated to the candy.  Since we were rather late in life children, and the only grandchildren and niece and nephew on that side of the family, I think we were a bit spoiled.  I wonder if Bro has that candy dish stored away with all the family keepsakes?!?
I also remember a plastic tree that Auntie got when I was 10 or so. It stood on a plastic dish and each twig of the tree was a point where you could put a gum drop.  The plate was also filled with gumdrops. This was a colorful centerpiece on the dining table.
I don't recall Mama ever having a candy dish. I more remember her cookie jar that graced the kitchen counter. Hers was a clown whose head was the lid.  It was often filled with homemade cookies.
Oh, the memories!

Here are some beautiful candy dishes I located among the ESN scavenger hunter stores.
Unique Blue Swan Candy Dish at Carolina Blue Lady.

Beautiful orange candy dish at ComycGyrl Collectibles.

A more contemporary M & M dish from Bargain Express

Lastly, searching for candy themed items I found this reminiscent of  an old time candy store.
New Sealed Springbok Puzzle: Candy Galore at Eccentric Thrifter.
Whether you collect glass, novelty items, cookbooks, or whatever, you can find something to fit your needs or add to your collection among the stores on ESN.

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  1. Thanks for the memories, Hazel :) I sure miss my gumdrop tree!