Jul 1, 2011

Uses of Fire

The ESN scavenger hunt this week has to do with fire.  That's exactly what we don't want to see here in Texas this weekend.  I just heard on TXCN TV that 230+ counties of the 254 in Texas have burn bans in effect. I'd say that is pretty dry.  East Texas is usually the wet side of Texas, but we are so behind on rainfall for the year so far that it has seemed like Central Texas in August here all through June.  We have had brown grass and there have been wild fires in the area. There will be no firework sales anywhere and the only displays will be over the water.

For my scavenger hunt I tried to think of good things about fire.  Of course, the first thing that came to mind was fire for cooking.  I found a coffee carafe from  Your What Not Shop.  This makes me think of coffee brewing over a camp fire. My bro has a chuck wagon and serves chuck wagon meals for special occasions.Here's a link showing him at a local festival in Fredricksburg, TX near where he lives. Of course he would make coffee in a enamelware pot, but you get the idea.  

I also found a soup pot at Eccentric Thrifter.  I can imagine a big pot of homemade chicken soup bubbling on the "fire" of my electric range.
Then I thought about fire for light and found these candles from Lilacs N Dreams.  What a way to add light and mood to your decor!
I also found these more modern electric lights at .Barb's Bargains.
Of course, we can think of fire for heat, but since we have plenty of heat here right now from the sun; we will leave that search for another day.

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Take a look at all the listings on ESN.  You are sure to find something you want or need.

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  1. Uses Of Fire That You Never Heard Of

    When I was a Young Kid, I would always ask my dad if he had any leftover papers from the working office. Once he’d produce a box filled with paperwork, I would go outside of home to burn them near any mango tree.